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J’ai demandé à FitCentiv de m’aider à rester en forme après une opération de la hanche. Il m’a beaucoup aidée à retrouver ma forme. J’ai pu améliorer ma musculature et mon sens de l’équilibre et j’ai complètement récupéré. Je peux même dire que je me sens bien mieux qu’avant ma maladie.

Michèle 65.

I am currently on the personal training, twice a week. It’s a high pace hour session that really keeps me in great shape.

Irina 46.

Mon coach de Fitcentiv est très attentif et professionnel.

Carole 32.

Fitness in Geneva

While a lot of gym alternatives are available in Geneva, we operate on a different model.
So many mainstream physical activities are provided by different people and companies. Such as crossfit, martial arts and traditional gyms. Fitness in Geneva is definitely alive and well. Thankfully individuals are properly educated about the benefits of health and in Switzerland they claim some of the lowest obesity in Europe.

Geneva’s considerable winters coerce indoor exercising for good two or three months. That is making the locals even more keen on trainering outdoors the good months.
Likely city of Geneva, suburbs and the wider Geneva region offer many green spaces and parks.

Bootcamp in Geneva

Bootcamp is probably reminds to a strict army, intense training. The terms these days are used much looser, referring really, to any group class activity. Our group classes are always small in size. That way the attention span of the trainer is divided in bigger groups. The people who are joining are healthy and fit in a normal way. You will not be intimidated. Everyone is following a comfortable pace for themselves. military_bootcamp However we are try to keep up, especially with cardio and abdominal routines.

Personal Training in Geneva

As you might guessed it we also offer personal training. Which as by per definition is personalized to match each trainee’s needs. A full hour the consists of 5-10 minutes of warm-up, 5 minutes of cool-down and stretching and 40-45 minutes of more strenuous exercises. Again the focus is depending on the goals and aspirations of the trainee. But what is really that can be improved by using one of our services, meaning a fitness boot camp or a personal training session?

What you can improve in a fitness session with Fitcentiv

There are several qualities to be considered. The most conspicuous of which include strength and cardio. People are focusing on these obvious two as they offer the most return for the visual impact. Meaning they help you to look better. Strength because it causes hypertrophy in the muscles and gives an athletic look. Cardio because it burns calories and gives a more defined shape and showcases the lean muscles.

Whether you want to take it to another level or be all around healthy you have to consider more than that. Qualities such as balance and co-ordination and mobility and flexibility are essential. To sum up in a well-rounded physical someone can improve on strength, cardiovascular condition (cardio), balance, co-ordination, mobility and flexibility.

The question that comes naturally a lot of people is, I only have two hours a week to train what should I focus on? </ br> -You understand that the question may vary based on the goal, the current physical and medical condition, age and more. That is where some professional help can help you. Just request a quote right now and let us worry about that healthy balance that you need!

Indoor fitness solutions

For the less warm and inviting month, November, December, January and February we offer complete indoor solutions.

Parks in Geneva

Geneva Switzerland is truly a beautiful place. That is why we strive to make the most out of it whenever we can! Some parks around the lake are the Parc de la Grange close to the Eaux-Vives area. The park Gustav Moynier which is somehow opposite to the previous one. Of course many other alternatives more in the city center, further from the lake or in the suburbs. One that stands out is the Park de Bastions. The park Beaulieu is also a choice on the opposite site that has a lot of green space.

Why we are different

We offer some size group classes and custom personal training in Geneva. Utilizing the amazing spaces that are available to us. Our belief is that we are training outside is healthier. With the sun and the breeze to our skin. In an outdoor space is more difficult to transmit diseases because of the openness, the viruses and bacteria are not confined and the UV light is often enough to kill them. The space is offering more possibility for movement and the park becomes an urban playground.

Even though our core value proposition is well-thought, back to nature, with light equipment classes, we are using a custom made web based system to help you get there. In our system you will have your personal account page. There are the accountability and billing will be available. Tracking your sessions per week, month and year is very important to achieve your objectives. Tracking of custom variables is also supported, like for instance weight. We also welcome other new methods of equipment and technology that is available.

A demo example is just below.


How we incentivize you

In nowadays we all know what we need to do. People ask, how did you achieve this remarkable change?</ br> -Well it’s simple every time you feel like eating, you go to exercise instead (not that simple). How do we incentivize our members and why that makes our business different that everybody else that offers fitness in Geneva?

-Impeccable boot camps and training with exceptional qualified trainers.
-Custom made web based software to keep track of the sessions and monitor the progress.
-Motivation throughout the way and celebration on landmark moments.
-Offering more healthy, nutrition products and services whenever you shown enough loyalty to your improving your physical condition by being loyal to our company.

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