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Why fitcentiv


I grew up in the 90’s. Back then, the effort from the advertisers was about why you should care about your physical condition. Now it’s going without saying. The focus now, among the fitness providers, is how they are better from their competition. That being said, we are about to discuss how our fitness proposition is different from any other in Geneva.

The idea about physical exercise

Everybody is aware of the benefits of exercise. But to be fair, at least in Geneva and in Switzerland, people care about their physical condition. But that was not always the case. Let’s take a brief dive into fitness history.
fitness_historyIn ancient Greece first Olympic games were organized. Furthermore the spirit of sport competition and the birth of fair play were first established. However the 20th century things changed. Somewhere after the industrial revolution the modern and rich bourgeois thought that anything related to physical exercise is bad. As a matter of fact they would try to disparate themselves from people who did manual work. These stereotypes, often ignored, still live inside of us.


Even though that every one of us, knows what it takes to succeed, many fail to meet their fitness objectives.

The fitness incentives

Why do we work out? girl-disappointed-on-scale

Extrinsic Motivation
  • Fit your older clothes.
  • Look sexy in bathing suit.
  • Have a six pack.
  • Be more attractive.
Intrinsic Motivation
  • Exercise because you feel good while doing it.
  • Working out because to relieve stress.
  • Commuting to your destination with a bike.
  • Doing some sports with your friends.
  • Craving to feel that “runner’s high”.

Can you spot the difference?

At fitcentiv we set, strategy on how to attain and celebrate critical milestones. With our proven expertise, we set up the  goals. We design an appropriate training plan that get us there. Our web based custom software helps us to track your progress.

Often times people are losing track why they even doing this. Whereas starting with us it means you only have to worry when you’ll be attending your classes and play “the game”.

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Finally, we want to thank everyone that is making the Fitcentiv movement a reality! One of the reasons this is unique, is because of the amazing people involved. Working tirelessly to improve their condition and motivate their teammates.