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This idea was formulated around the end of 2017. Finally realized beginning of 2019. Being proud and excited to bring this project into life, we feel you should know who we are and what we believe in.

Billy Personal Trainer

Billy Basdras

My LinkedIn profile, connect with me and learn all about my qualifications. But you can see a brief description here as well.
B. Sc. Sport Science and Physical Education, Athens Kapodistrian University
M. Sc. Social Information Systems, OUC
Marketing Manager Formation, Nomades Geneva Switzerland
Python Programming, WEB guru, Linux, Analytics, SEO
5 years Personal Training and Fitness groups, experience in Switzerland.

 It seems that sometimes all come together nicely. After building several sites, being administrator and programmer and having all this experience from the fitness industry it only come naturally to offer this kind of service. Here we present to the public to use our services, as clients, business or even personal trainer or IT. This project consists of a unique selling proposition. We are giving the opportunity to our end clients, the trainees, to use a truly phygital service. On that note people who actually train will play with their physical efforts the digital game. Learn more about our incentive system in the faq section of our website.

Our acknowledgements to all the people around me who help me to become the start-up we are today. Thanks to our graphist, content creator and all the people who are about to join our team.

Thank you for making this a reality!

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