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Bootcamp in Geneva

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Introduction Bootcamp in Geneva

There many great public spaces for boot camp in Geneva. By the lake or by the river and inside beautiful green parks fitness seems possible throughout Geneva.

Benefits of boot camps

There are several benefits of a boot camp or a group class, especially when it’s carried out outdoors. First of all it’s the group effect. Then being in the outdoors is essential for us.

Group class and community

The importance of other people in an individuals life is indispensable. Not only in a young or old age but throughout as well. Being in a group we tend to align our values, our pace. Other times compete or motivate each other. Often times trainees arrive with friends so they do work out together. Seeing a friend suffering over some jumping squats or HIIT training is both hilarious and motivating. Being a part of a community is very important. Join our sport community in Geneva today.

Working out in Geneva

Training outdoors is great for several reasons. First and foremost if you are used to training indoors that is a change to your routine. The different environment will shake your workout routine too with a variation. Second it’s convenient and it does not cost anything. Certainly we do not charge for the space either. Third, it’s natural. It is the place that you where intended to be. Fourth, a healthy amount of sun it’s necessary for your well-being. Fifth, the combination of the previous point with the fact that you are in a natural space can in fact improve your mood.

This is especially true in Geneva

Based on data that have been gathered by google maps the World Economic Forum in collaboration with MIT made a study. It was conducted with machine learning and the purpose was to find the greenest city in world. Geneva Switzerland is the third most green city in the whole World! That is a great privilege and it certainly should not go underutilized.

Image: MIT/World Economic Forum

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