Fitcentiv Challenges is NOT operating as business. It's a display website. Thank you for your understanding

This page has all the previous challenges proposed by Fitceniv.

These fitness challenges have as core purpose to motivate the people. Hopefully they will engage and succeed.

This has no monetary expectations, everyone is free to try.

It all started at the corona virus outbreak as a incentive for the people who are feeling trapped at home.

Besides that everyone can use some exercise, it can work as an indicator.

We take no responsibility for the outcome. Please do not attempt if you are alone or unattended. Also if you are under-aged, pregnant and belong in any high risk group.

Fitcentiv Challenge #1


Do 100 Jumping Jacks. It should take less than 1′ 30″. But do not overexert yourself. fitness-challenge-in-geneva

Fitcentiv Challenge #2


Walk outs and push-ups in 2′. fitness-challenge-in-geneva








Fitcentiv Challenge #3

18-24h only water, once over a week period.

Like all the challenges we suggest, you are responsible to decide if it’s for your own good. We take no responsibility. * not recommended for pregnant women, sick and injured, elderly and any high risk individual.

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