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Once you complete your training session, a score will be attributed to you. This score has real value because you can use it to obtain real products and services.

We preferable use the outdoor spaces of Geneva. A studio downtown or a client’s private space.

There are things that can help you!

◦  Don’t be late. If you are 15′ late no points will be attributed to you. Simply beacuse having 3/4 of your training time won’t help you achieve your goals.

◦  Give a spirit of enthusiasm and energy to your work-out. Exercise might differ, doesn’t necessarily mean you should sweat or suffer.

◦  Do your best to perform well to your fitness task.

◦  After a few sessions your coach will be able to identify better your goals and fitness level. The evaluation is based on improving your personal level, rather than comparing you with other members or with your demographic average. We believe each story is different.

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