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General Terms

In this page you may find legal information.

On Website

Anyone that is using this website is by default accepting the terms and conditions. We honor General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For every new session, we request permission to store cookies.


Client’s financial responsibilities should to be arranged prior to the training.

Refund policy

The sessions cannot be refunded, reimbursed nor transferred to another client.

Cancellation policy

Once you book a session you will have this session deducted. Except:

  • medical reasons (proof required).
  • Fitcentiv cancel the session.
  • cancel way before 24h in advance.

*Mind that bad weather is not a valid reason.


Each client should sign a contract before the beginning of the session. This contract removes any liability for physical or any kind of damage against Fitcentiv and anyone of Fitcentiv’s associates (trainers, space provider etc). That includes loss, theft, injury, parking tickets or anything that might occur during your training session.

Free Trials and Promotions

Free Trials

By agreeing to a Free trial with Fitcentiv, you automatically agree with the terms listed below.

In case of injury or loss and damage of your personal belongings, Fitcentiv claims no responsibility. Hence you agree in advance not to make claims.

Each individual is eligible to one Free Trial session at most. We obtain the right to refuse or deny one (free-trial) without further explanation.


Promotions can not be used in combinations. Our policy is based on transparent pricing. Please make sure you read our pricing page to understand all the costs associated as well as the active promotions.


These terms can be updated at any time. On our side we are actively informing our members for changes.

Reach out to the contact page of our website for further questions.