In this page information about the costs can be found. In particular boot camp and personal training, cost per session and package. This is standard pricing for fitness in Geneva. Additionally we provide the user interface for no extra cost, the equipment, the qualified experience staff and space. For a boot camp session in Geneva it can come as much as 20chf per session. Personal training in Geneva can come as much as 90chf per session.

Please mind that registration fees are 30chf. Also limited spots are available.

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Boot camp Cost Breakdown (Monthly)

Package Price Price/Session Sessions per month
Gold 240.- 20.- 12
Silver 200.- 25.- 8
Bronze 120.- 30.- 4

Personal Training Costs

Package Price Price/Session
Single Session 120.- 120.-
10Pack 1000.- 100.-
20Pack 1800.- 90.-

Additional costs and things to consider are appropriate clothing, shoes, towel, sport mat and water bottle. These expenses are traditionally attributed to the trainee.

Mind that custom events are also a possibility. Just contact us with your request and we will come back to you. Promotional events will be available for Free. You need to pay attention not to miss them. Registration and other terms will be required.

Free free to visit the about section of our website to learn more about us. Consider to contact us directly if you have questions or need a quote.

Don’t know much about Geneva either? Have a look at the green spaces available from the official page of Geneva.

If any of these services are not in any interest for you, visit the gyms in Geneva article. We appreciate your health even we do not chosen to improve it!

*To participate in any activity provided by Fitcentiv you need to agree with the terms and conditions. Any health issues should be aware by our staff.

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