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What I’ll need with me?

    • a mat
    • water
  • sport clothing in layers
  • all the energy you can find
  • towel (optional)
  • clean t-shirt (optional)

More Information about the locations

The green spaces in Geneva are legendary. In the park we find the stairs, the uphills, the bench, the tree and the ground. All used to our advantage. Magically it becomes our playground. Anywhere, anytime, anyplace! No fancy equipment is needed. All you need to do, is the work.

Other important information to consider

The price of each individual boot camp varies from 20-30 CHF. To consider the costs please visit the pricing page.

If you are not yet our customer but you are considering our different fitness proposition try a session for free ! Fill in the form, requesting a free trial and someone from our team will contact you promptly. Request a specific day and time to join us.

Future Plans

For the winter time, indoor places will be considered. However we will try to extend our training outdoor as long as possible. That aligns with our values. Exercise and functional movement in the nature, outdoors, exposed to the light or the weather and experience our true primitive selves.

Custom Events

Mind that custom events might be possible. Just contact us with your request and we will come back to you. Also we offer occasionally promotional events.  You need to pay attention not to miss them. Registration and other terms will be required.

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